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Darrin Smith

Coffee Loving Father of 5, unfortunate super-fan of the Denver Broncos

As the Vice President of Customer Experience for Point of Rental, Darrin is responsible for developing the customer journey (Support and Services) for all new and current customers. He focuses on preparing a consistent, repeatable implementation process, using proven learning methodologies. Every process Darrin implements, updates, or changes, is based on specific feedback from customers.

Prior to Point of Rental, he helped build a Customer Experience organization for a global ERP software company, ECI. Before ECI, he held multiple support leadership roles for Nokia, always focused on improving how Nokia supported the industry leading mobile devices and services.

He began his career managing the support team for Sega of America (at the time, the number 1 video game console in the world), which is where he realized that he was going to build a career out of supporting people.

Darrin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Colorado State University.