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George Mountis

I design tools that make work better, apps that change how people spend their time, and systems that scale. Father of three, cycling fanatic, and wannabe football coach.

George brings 15+ years of experience building and launching cutting-edge B2B SaaS products. He has a track record of leading and scaling high-performing product teams to deliver innovative solutions that delight customers.

He currently serves as Vice President of Product at BoomTown, a Real Estate Platform used by some of the most successful real estate professionals in the business. In this role, George helps to formulate the company’s vision and to articulate the short and long-term product strategy for the company to the engineering, marketing, and client services teams, ensuring alignment with the Product Roadmap and overall business strategy. He represents BoomTowns’ customers by building impactful, personal relationships, championing them and bringing their voice into the product creation process.

George holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Design from Penn State University.