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Dustin Downing

Product nerd that loves collecting bourbon, NFTs (No they aren’t just JPEGs), and winning little league championship trophies. Nothing is better than road trips with my wife and two kids, and nothing is worse than the Philadelphia Eagles. Go Cowboys!

Dustin Downing is the Chief Product Officer at OrderMyGear, where he leads product, design, engineering, and strategy for OMG. Dustin’s primary focus is ensuring that OMG’s product strategy ties to the overall company goals and that the OMG Tech team operates and executes as a single, client-focused team.

Prior to joining OMG, Dustin led product management at LikeToKnow, a B2C and B2B influencer marketing platform, where he was responsible for launching the LTK influencer app as well as the B2B supplier marketplace.

Dustin received an M.B.A at Texas Christian University where he focused on consumer product insights and marketing as well as a B.B.A from Oklahoma State University in marketing.