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Proud Pittsburgh native (and sports fan), Mars colonization enthusiast, aspiring tennis player with a love for anything Pixar who won’t stop talking about self-driving cars

Josh is a Director with Susquehanna Growth Equity and leads investments in SaaS and marketplace businesses across a number of verticals, with emphasis on real estate tech, fin tech, and HR tech. Before joining Susquahanna, Josh co-founded Jelser Holdings LLC in 2005, a real estate investment firm with a portfolio of rental properties. It was there that he learned to appreciate the impact of technology on even the slowest adopting industries.

Josh was born in Pittsburgh and has a deep love for Pennsylvania, despite the “yinzer” and “wooder” dialects of its coasts! (He says pop, not soda if you were wondering). Outside of work, he enjoys any sport that involves a racket or a paddle and loves exploring new cities and the great outdoors with his partner.

Josh graduated with a B.A. in Economics from Yale University. Go Bulldogs!